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Journalist and traveler

take the first step...

Welcome to my world of anticipation. I present you relevant stories 

of amazing people, places, food that you would like to know before taking the first step... TRAVELING!!  

I am a journalist who has been traveling around the world for the last 5 years. Getting personal and professional experiences in Ireland, Germany, Spain, and India. 

Now, I am here to present this blog with the purpose of showing you the most beautiful places I have been to and I am sure you would like to know about it. 

Being a journalist and at the same time, a traveler has given me the opportunity to be present in places where I am not a simple tourist, however, a human being.

I believe that the more you get involved with the people whatever you go,  you will understand more their cultures, religions, traditions and enjoy the places you want to explore. 

I want to present to you samples of news, gallery of pictures, stories of people and places you might be interested in visiting and discovering.

Share what you feel... 

I would love to hear from you, please share your views and experiences.  You can connect with me through the links given below.


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